Back and bolder than ever, BOLD Creative Agency like most have been through a turbulent couple of years. With a new office in Mortlake, South-West London, we’ve taken on a new team of talented creatives with a diverse set of skills. Fresh equipment, innovative minds, and great results, we here at BOLD are growing rapidly, having taken on five new clients in the last month, with more on the horizon. 

We are now offering social media management which includes videography and photography, alongside a consistent flow of content creation that encapsulates your company’s voice. Despite being a small team, we have always been passionate about what we do, being there to support clients as well as suggest creative ideas that will make your business stand out and be BOLD. We’ve always offered several services, including web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), branding, pay per click advertising (PPC) just to name a few, but now we’re extending our CV into social media management. 

In other news, we’ll be opening a podcast / filming studio available for rent next door to our office. Fit with quality equipment, you’ll be able to sit down and start talking. The studio will be open to anyone wanting to share what they’re passionate about, whether it’s science, art, fashion, true crime, or just general chit chat with guests. If you’ve ever wanted to try podcasting, now’s your chance!

Studio 109, Podcast Room

We’re ecstatic to embark into this new avenue; being able to create videos and take photos for our clients expands the creative ideas they want to explore and curating their social media takes the pressure off the business. It’s exciting to be able to build personal relationships with our clients and take an active role in their growth in this new way, being there to document events, changes and most importantly: the people. 

BOLD Creative Agency looks forward to working with you!