Irish Trading Whiskey

Irish Trading Whiskey’s journey with BOLD began with a vision to establish a strong online presence as a cask distributor for diverse distilleries. Our collaboration involved the creation of a bespoke website from the ground up, meticulously crafted on the WordPress platform. The website,, serves as a dynamic hub for their operations, showcasing the richness of their whiskey offerings and providing a seamless user experience.

However, our involvement extended far beyond the digital realm. Recognising the importance of immersive storytelling, BOLD embarked on a unique venture—travelling to various distilleries across Ireland to capture the essence of Irish Trading Whiskey. Armed with cameras and a passion for detail, our team curated a captivating collection of photographs, breathing life into the brand. To complement this visual narrative, we delved into documentary-style interviews with individuals at these distilleries, weaving together a narrative that not only highlighted the quality of the product but also the stories and craftsmanship behind each cask.

In addition to the digital and storytelling aspects, BOLD took charge of Irish Trading Whiskey’s branding, ensuring a cohesive and compelling visual identity. The result is a harmonious fusion of design, technology, and authentic storytelling that positions Irish Trading Whiskey as more than just a distributor—it’s a curator of unique experiences and traditions in the world of whiskey. This multifaceted approach reflects BOLD’s commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that transcend the boundaries of traditional web design and marketing, leaving a lasting impact on both the client and their audience.

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