The Crossing

The Crossing Barnes approached the team with the goal of redesigning their current website, which was basic and required external help whenever they needed to make updates. As a restaurant and pub, it was important for them to have a website that could be easily updated with the latest information, such as changes to their menu.

The team decided to build the website using WordPress, which is a popular content management system that allows users to easily make updates to their website without the need for external technical assistance. This was a significant improvement from their previous website, which only displayed a PDF copy of their menu and required external help for any updates.

The team also built a custom plugin to allow The Crossing – Barnes to update their menu with the click of a button. This was an important addition because it allowed the restaurant to keep their menu up-to-date in real-time, and provided customers with easy access to the latest information about the restaurant’s offerings.

In addition to the menu, The Crossing Barnes also requested the ability to add upcoming events and integrate social media sharing platforms. These features help to drive more traffic to the website, and also provide customers with easy access to information about the restaurant’s events and promotions.

Overall, the project was completed in 10 days, and the client was extremely satisfied with the outcome. A well-designed, user-friendly website can help to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and provide valuable information about a business and its offerings. Additionally, the ability to easily update the website can help to ensure that the website remains relevant and up-to-date over time.

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